Inner Compass Support

A commuity membership for female entrepreneurs who want to elevate thier mindset.

Harness the power of inner compass to get the life you always wanted.

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Unlock Your Inner Compass and Achieve Your Dream Life

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What is Inner Compass Support Membership

Inner Compass Support Membership is a holistic program designed to help you unlock the power of your inner compass, navigate the world of female entrepreneurship, and achieve your dream life. Through our various workshops, coaching, and co-working sessions, you'll gain the skills and support you need to successfully navigate the journey. With the Inner Compass Support Membership, you'll learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and upper limits, and unlock your full potential.

What You'll Gain

Our program includes workshops, group coaching, and co-working sessions that will help you identify your passions, hone in on your goals, and learn how to create the life you want. You'll also gain access to tools like EFT tapping, breathwork, goal setting, and our Inner Compass Method. Through our program, you'll develop the skills, support, and confidence to tackle anything that comes your way.

Monthly Workshops

Example Topics: Setting Boundaries, Adapting to Change, How to Cultivate Motivation, Understanding Self-Sabotage, Anxiety & Depression in the Workplace, and many more!

Monthly Group EFT Tapping

(Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Workshops, utilizing "borrowed benefits" with group tapping!

2 Monthly Co-Working Hours

EFT tapping to release productivity blocks. Tasks to do during Co-Working: Work Tasks, Emails, Schoolwork, Decluttering Home, Entrepreneur Tasks, Updating Vision Board, Content, Creation, Goal Setting, Planning & Brainstorming

Weekly EFT Tap With Me Videos 

EFT Tapping videos to release fears, limiting beliefs, anxiety and more. 

Weekly Journal Prompts 

To jump start your week with an aligned connected headspace. 

Resource Library 

Topics Include: How to EFT, Coping Skills for Your Trauma, Anxiety or Depression, and Motivation/Productivity Tips. 

Monthly Goal-Setting Meeting

Join your community to share your goals for the month ahead!

Digital Planner

(Daily, Weekly, Monthly and 90 Day Planning)

Private Support Group

This group is on its own site that also has an app to share your struggles and successes

Don't wait any longer, unlock your potential today

Our Inner Compass Support Membership program provides access to a variety of expert coaches and mentors. Our team will help you break through any limiting beliefs and self-sabotage you may be struggling with. We provide personalized guidance and support to ensure that you are successful in achieving your goals. Plus, our monthly workshops and co-working sessions will keep you motivated and inspired on your journey.


Plus, you’ll be part of a supportive community of female entrepreneurs that will provide the encouragement you need to keep pushing forward.

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Monthly Membership



Billed Per Month
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Monthly Group EFT Tapping
  • 2 Monthly Co-Working Hours
  • Private Support Group

Annual Membership



Billed Annually! Get 2 Months FREE
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Monthly Group EFT Tapping
  • 2 Monthly Co-Working Hours
  • Private Support Group

Imagine Feeling

Free From Self-Sabatoge 

Greater Levels of Success

Abundant Headspace

Able To Use Your Authentic Voice

Mentally and Emotionally Strong

Motivated Daily

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