Unlock Your Inner Compass and Accelerate Your Mindset To Abundance

Inner Compass Accelerator

With Alyssa Cotten

Do You...


To find time to tend to your mental health needs in this fast-paced world?

Feel Overwhelmed

With stress and anxiety, despite having a plan to become successful and accomplished?

Avoid Your Feelings

By keeping busy with the latest trends and strategies?

Doubt Yourself

Despite having consistent success?


Being a failure and not achieving your

goals due to anxiety and past traumas?

But wish you could…

Heal Your Past Traumas

Manage Your Anxiety

Tune into Your Feelings

Become Confident

Resolve Your Fears

Do you have trouble letting go of your fears and limiting beliefs? Do you find yourself feeling lost, confused or off-center? Are you looking for a way to feel more confident about what you want in life and achieve it with ease? If the answer is yes, then Inner Compass Accelerator may be exactly what you need.

Spoiler Alert: All you need is to tune into your inner compass and heal these limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

What Is Your Inner Compass?

Your inner compass is the inner guide that drives you to live a life connected to your beliefs and values. 

When your inner compass is in alignment, you can live a life in harmony with who you really are and what is best for you.

Anxiety, fear, and trauma can interfere with your ability to access your inner compass; and  depending on your past traumas, grief or loss, your inner compass might be shut-off entirely.

Inner Compass Accelerator is aimed to help align your inner compass, allowing you to feel a sense of comfort, ease, and flow in your life.

What is Inner Compass Accelerator?

ICA is a self-paced trauma and anxiety management program designed to educate and transform all of your mental health needs. Inner Compass Accelerator is an online program designed to help you develop a healthy, sustainable and joyful life. It uses the powerful tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help you learn how to overcome obstacles and live in harmony with yourself and others. By reducing negative emotions, you foster positive feelings and experiences that lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Inner Compass Accelerator is a step-by-step process that will help you access and remove the blocks to your highest, happiest self.

The course is jammed packed with education,  guidance and transformative worksheets for healing your mental health. 

You will be able to get any of your questions answered during the two weekly live group Q & A calls. 

You will get access to a private support group hosted on Mighty Networks where you and other members can share your fears and successes. 

​Every ICA member will be granted lifetime access to the program.

ICA has the tools you need to remove those pitfalls and roadblocks that are currently preventing you from healing your anxieties and traumas. 

Get To Know The Creator Behind 
Inner Compass Accelerator.

Hi, I'm Alyssa Cotten!

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Chemical Dependency Counselor based out of Anchorage, Alaska. 

I feel particularly equipped to guide you on your mental health journey because I, too, have struggled with severe anxiety.  

When I first opened my private counseling practice in 2017, I was consumed by thoughts of feeling alone and fears of failure.  

The path to relief from your anxieties and traumas begins with Inner Compass Accelerator.

​I had difficulty turning for help because there weren't openings with mental health specialists in my area, or the practitioners available couldn't see me frequently enough to make real progress.

​Despite my practice becoming successful, I continued to suffer from what is referred to as "high functioning anxiety." 

High functioning anxiety is a type of anxiety embodied by a refusal to allow yourself to be content with your successes. Instead, it ends up driving you to continually push for more. 

ICA is aimed at those who suffer from a similar form of anxiety and would like to address it at their own pace.  

About The Program 
Inner Compass Accelerator

Dive into the modules for more details

EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom TechniqueYou will learn the easy and effective 3 step EFT method. EFT is a simple and powerful tool that can help you deal with stress, pain, fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. It uses the powerful tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help you learn how to overcome obstacles and live in harmony with yourself and others. By reducing negative emotions, you foster positive feelings and experiences that lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Module 1: The Journey to Finding Your Inner CompassThis begins the transformational journey of finding your inner compass and living a life of true fulfillment. This module begins with introduction to the course, covering format, expectations and technical support – then dives right into the material. We will obtain a baseline for where you are currently at and where you aim to be by the end of the course.

Module 2: Self-Care, Stress, Block Scheduling, Morning and Evening Routines.Self-care is the best care! With this in mind, it is time to create a sustainable, effective, and efficient self-care routine that can be incorporated into your current lifestyle. In doing so, we will cover the importance of having morning and evening routines, what block scheduling is, and how both can produce more time for self-care by making us more efficient and productive.

Module 3: Education, Past Self, Anger and The Power of the Mind. In order to begin healing our traumas, anxieties and fears, we must first understand the basics of how they were developed in the first place. To accomplish this, I will guide you through what the function of your brain is, how your personalities were developed during childhood and the role of anger.

Module 4: Roles, Support Network and Boundaries.This goes in-depth on understanding the different facets and roles that make up the person you are. To do this, we will discuss where our emotional connections come from. Additionally, in an effort to help transform your internal needs, we will explore the necessity for an external support system and healthy boundaries.

Module 5: Childhood, Inner Child 
and Core Beliefs. 
We turn our clocks back and go back in time when you were a child and dissect your unmet needs in childhood. While doing this, we will discuss what an inner child is and how connecting to your inner child creates a sense of safety and nourishment as an adult. Lastly, we will review how our positive and negative beliefs shape how we view the world today.

Module 6: Moving Forward with a Healed Past.
Now you will be put in the driver's seat for creating and setting to action a plan for healing your traumas, anxieties, and fears. We will break down any barriers preventing you from living a fulfilling life in alignment with your inner compass. Barriers we will discuss include regrets, resentments, grief, and losses.

Module 7: Scarcity vs Abundance, Self-Sabotage and Safety.Now that we have healed your traumas, anxieties, and fears, we will focus on guiding you to living a life of abundance by uncovering your belief system in relation to scarcity and abundance. We will then examine ways to avoid self-sabotage and create more safety in your life. With the presence of safety, you can excel in all facets of your life.

Module 8: Self-Awareness, Maintenance, Sustainability, Module 1-7 Review.This is all about integrating all the core concepts learned throughout the Inner Compass Accelerator course and taking your new sense of self on a path that is guided by your inner compass.

On-Boarding VideoTo Jump Start The Healing Journey
I like to call this module the "toolbox" as it is designed to equip you with the tools needed for the deep self-exploration required of you during this course. These tools include: breathing techniques, coping strategies, and tips for navigating the Mighty Networks.

Bonus ModuleOn the journey to finding your inner compass, it is not unusual to be "thrown off the rails" while trying to reach your goals. This bonus module is designed to help you get back on track with easy and effective transformational wins.

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What Makes This Course Different

Weekly EFT Tapping Groups

EFT Tapping Techniques that can permanently eliminate emotional issues such as fear, anger, dissatisfaction, frustration, sadness, resentment and more! You will also get access to our exclusive group healing sessions.

Transformative Modules

The Inner Compass Accelerator is a step-by-step process that will help you access and remove the blocks to your highest, happiest self. It’s designed for anyone who wants to overcome their fears and become more confident in every area of their life: business, family, relationships, and health.

Private Support Group

This course and community is hosted on Mighty Netowrk. This private support group helps you deal with stress, pain, fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

Filled with weekly journal prompts and reflective questions to get your day started! 

What ICA Alumni Are Saying

I so enjoyed your insightful and well-planned course. The modules progressed and did truly build on each other as you intended. I learned A LOT about myself and about our human nature and our human conditioning. I cannot believe the signs from the universe led me to you and to your course... could not have been better timing in my life... I do feel as though I have significantly changed because of this course into someone who is more self aware and able to identify my emotions, what is causing them, and clearly think about what actions I choose to employ as a result.


Thank you so much, I have learned so much. 
I have learned the benefits of positive, healthy coping mechanisms and self care far outweigh the “benefits” of toxic coping mechanisms.


Thanks so much for everything you did to help me. So much respect for you. One of my biggest takeaways from the Inner Compass Course was how to take care of myself, so I can continue to take care of others. I am no longer my own worst critic, but rather my own advocate!
 Alyssa created a safe space for all of us to be vulnerable and share, while contributing to other's journeys. I gained so much knowledge in various aspects of myself and how they are all connected. 
Would highly recommend this course!


Thank you so much. You changed my life. 
You have a great pace of teaching and are such a wealth of knowledge. I truly feel like a different person and have had multiple people tell me that they think I have changed as well. I feel less jumpy, insecure, and really able to set boundaries in a respectful manner. I feel more fulfilled in my own personal life and ready to tackle what life has to offer.


When things change inside you, things change around you. 
So happy to have met you. You’re a wonderful lady and I’m thankful for the perspective you’ve given me. Yes, I would definitely recommend this course to a friend. Putting into practice what have learned, I make decisions to enjoy my life now. I’m more apt to look at the situation with a different perspective and realize that it’s ok to be aware of the pros and cons of a situation but I no longer let the cons, or potential pitfalls, rule my decision making.


Overall my life is more balanced and I have a game plan for future planning of wellness. I was able to create active actions for continued healing of my trauma and loss that I have had in my life. 
I would recommend this training to a friend.

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