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How To Have Fast Anxiety Relief So You Can Confidently Take On The Day Without Fear.

Overwhelmed with Anxiety? Learn how to find the perfect Anxiety Relief that Works!!

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Gain New Insights About Your Anxiety Symptoms

Do you often feel that no matter how much you achieve, it's never enough? Are you always fighting an internal voice that says "you're not good enough" and "you need to do more"? If so, then you might be suffering from high functioning anxiety—the kind of anxiety that goes along with being highly successful and driven.

This workshop is for those who want to learn how their anxiety impacts their ability to be productive, successful, happy and stress tolerant.


You'll learn how to cope effectively with the stress and anxiety caused by intense careers, busy schedules, and complicated relationships.

You’ll walk away with:

  • How to identify your signs and symptoms of anxiety.
  • Tools to create fast anxiety relief at home or in the workplace. 
  • Learn how to lower your anxiety during the most stressful times of your day.
This workshop will allow you to instantly begin to feel better as you learn to overcome any challenge thrown your way. It is time to take control of your anxiety! 

Fast Anxiety Relief 

You will get instant access to the workshop!
COST: $35

This workshop will give you 10+ instant ways to lower your anxiety immediately, as well as some long-term solutions so you can master your anxiety once and for all.


Ready to break free from the anxiety cycle? In this workshop, you'll not only discover the signs and symptoms of your anxiety but also come up with a simple plan to reduce it in the moment.

Meet Alyssa Cotten

I’m a EFT and EMDR Practitioner.


I help driven women achieve anxiety relief without fear that it will come back so they can confidently take on their goals.


Dealing even with occasional anxiety is no easy task, so those who live with it chronically know that it can feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. I know this from experience, as I struggled with anxiety for most of my adult life. Fortunately, through trial and error, I have found relief from my anxiety and would love to share the tips and tricks that have been effective for me.


I’ve researched, tested, and learned what works and what doesn’t work for fast anxiety, and I’ve got the results to prove it.


Sign up for this training and I’ll walk you through the steps you need to create your own tool box of sustainable anxiety relief. 

Relief is Possible

These aren’t “next level” strategies that only a pro can handle. These are straight-forward, practical, applicable, (but powerful) tricks anyone can use to find fast anxiety relief.