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inner compass Accelerator

Inner Compass Accelerator is a transformational program designed to help you heal your fears, anxieties, and traumas, and begin living a life in alignment with your true self.


Don't wait any longer to step into your power.


In this online course you will learn tools for overcoming fears, anxiety and trauma that you can use to transform your life.  


 The Inner Compass Accelerator is a step-by-step process that will help you clear your fears, anxieties, and traumas so you can finally begin to fully live a life in alignment with your true self. By tapping into your personal power, you will be guided towards making positive changes in every area of your life.

Alyssa Cotten, MS, LPC, NCC, CDCI

Meet Your Host

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Chemical Dependency Counselor specializing helping women heal their anxieties & traumas.


Guiding you to break free from you past so you can step into your true potential.


✨Healing is the gateway to your success!


I teach you how to heal yourself so you can watch your goals, dreams & life expands!

My Heal Your Fears, Anxieties, and Traumas and Begin Living a Life in Alignment with Your Heart's Desires.